Will I give up to create art for design?

Will I give up to create art for design?

No, most certainly not! I love what I do and will continue to work for a growing market, with lots of creative and innovative people, who think outside the box and go out of their way to offer designs, kits and other digital products to affordable prices. This is what I always did and what will continue.

So what changed:
My work will be available with an almost unlimited resale license, so you, my dear clients and customers, can really work freely with it, in your own way, with your own price models and marketing concepts.
I offer a limited amount of copies for every item (available in a certain time frame) with RESALE art, the motto is 'first come first served'  - after the transaction is completed, I will not sell the material as competitive digital product again. 
You can re-sell it as digital file, in a kit, as tube, as cu product, as part of cu compilations and much more.

3 days ago we founded a group on facebook, where we announce new auctions, offer commissions and take suggestion for themes on demand.

If you are interested - please join the group. The last 2 packages were sold out in 24 hours after the announcement and the next offer is running since 3 hours and only 9 copies left at the moment. 

 come on over and stay on top - it is a group of happy people who know how to seize the opportunity of securing limited edition art for their work or stores, doing great business and having fun in the process