Hi all, I am auctioning off my digital art for resale with unlimited license, taking down the store collection as resale bundles are selling out. If you are interested in a reseller license for my work, join the auction group, the offers don't even make it to the ads groups or the social networks since they sell out in the matter of a few hours. This is why I'd like to share the link to the auction and resale group with you, so you get a fair chance to secure some of the offered items for your own stores. 

If you still would like to have some personal use items from the store - get them better sooner than later, since items are leaving the store daily as they are auctioned off for resale.

 I will not stop working on digital art or designs, but we changed our business concept and will offer only resale art in the future, via auctions and prepaid commissions in a limited amount of copies