'BUG MIX' RESALE *AUCTION - only 7 copies left!

'BUG MIX' RESALE *AUCTION - only 7 copies left!
 - grow your business with the most flexible license on the market
this bundle contains 7 MULTI LAYERED PAINTED TEMPLATES which you will sell and use all over again and in many ways. Easy changes in color or appearance via multi-layered templates, desaturated layers included in the templates.
template butterfly
consists of 9 desaturated layers for all parts of the butterfly, easy coloring and color mixing , (tip:it is easy to make and sell your own layered templates of this one, you also can use patterns instead of just coloring the parts of the butterfly or make multiple colored elements from it)
1033x1098 px psd format 300dpi
template bug
this bug can be made in any color you like, I added new layers for upper wings, which can also be colored separately, all parts are on separate layers (including besides the orginally painted version also desaturated layers for easy color changes (tip: this item, too, is recommended for layered templates since you can make as many colored layers as you want to sell with your version of the bug template)
1315x1002px 300dpi psd format
template dragon fly
13 layers/1366x1135px/psd - desaturated layers included for easy color changes
template moth
new layers have been added, the wings can be colored separately for each side and the template includes desaturated layers for every part of the moth as well as the original blue one
10 layers/1576x1376px/psd format
template beehive
desaturated layers included - use the natural colored original or color in crazy hues, all parts of the beehive are on separate layers
7 layers/916x1106px/psd format
template honey pot
desaturated lasyers included - use the natural colored original or color in crazy hues, all parts of the honey pot are on separate layers
10 layers 625x705px psd format
template branch
leaves and branch are on separate layers, a desaturated layer is included for the leaves, can easily be changed into autum colors or purple/pink/black, greenery is always useful
3 layers/1570x877px 300 dpi/psd format
reserve copies 30
price $6.50 (chip-in for one copy)
file release after reserve is reached
auction closes 24 hours after file release
*if the reserve price is not reached after 5 days (06/12/2015) we close the auction and refund the money via paypal