Waste Not - Want Not :::: how to make the MOJO fairy stay and to never run out of ideas

Hello fellow creatives,
I hear so often from creative people 'I lost my Mojo' or 'where is my MOJO fairy today?'
Mostly it is the beginning of a 'blank' phase, nothing seems to come to mind and waiting it out can create serious doubts in one's abilities and creativity.

While this happens to all of us ever once in a while, there are some strategies, which can make the capricious Mojo Fairy stay, so you never will run out of ideas again.


At times, we have so many ideas and can only realize one at a time. Don't waste these ideas, they are your commodities, your assets and the fuel for your creative business.

Living in the age of technology, we have all the tools at our disposal, most of us have their cell phones constantly at reach. Most cell phones have a camera, almost every smart phone has a voice recorder. Using this potential can be a great help to record ideas the moment they occur. It keeps your mind free from trying to remember everything, while storing ideas for 'blank' times.

-take pictures of scenery, flowers, animals, objects, whatever catches your eye

-use the voice recorder on your device, speak your ideas into the microphone as soon as you have them
 (my personal approach is a combination of both)

if you don't like cell phones:
-take notes, it only takes a few seconds and will come handy when the fairy is on vacation 

wishing all of you a Happy Sunday
and lots of ideas for your creative business