RESALE AUCTION 'FLORAL 1' @ retail item for online merchants and independent designers

unlimited resale license included,

can be used for any digital project (RESALE/CU4CU/CU/S4H/S4O)
ITEMS FROM THIS BUNDLE can also be used for PRINT ON OBJECT purposes (tshirt, mug,mousepad etc)
the only exclusion for the print permission

are poster prints or canvas prints
any kits, tubes or connected items will not be sold at AFD any longer and are already out of our catalog

chip in $6.50 to secure your copy of this amazing bundle

reserve: 35 copies ( 17 copies until reserve is reached at the time of posting)

as soon as the reserve is reached, the file will be available for download and the auction price will go up to $7.50 for the remaining time of the auction

the auction runs from June 1st to June 9th (after that, this resale bundle will not be available any longer)

*prior licenses you might hold for items of this bundle remain untouched (PU/CU) you can still use the files, but the old licenses did not include the resale permission

beautifully painted roses, wildflowers and a precious Luna Moth
in a unique template bundle for your design projects and kits
all 3 templates consist of multiple layers, which enable you to create unique elements for your designs
digitally painted on high-resolution layers in large size - these elements are perfect for full size kits as well as greeting card projects and other digital work

rose template - 2800x2800px - 27 layers
wild flowers - 2750x3280px -13 layers
Luna Moth - 1740x1800px - 4 layers (color varieties)
300 dpi/psd/paint shop pro compatible

painted psd template multiple layers
9 elements included

for all retailers, online merchants and independent designers - feel welcome to join our auction group for real time updates and special offers