2015 ©Angelica Sellers / all rights reserved
what you need:
Adobe Photoshop (any version will do)
shape of your choice
swirly brushes of your choice

intermediate Photoshop skills required (shapes, brushes, layers, layerstyles)

Today I want to share with you an easy technique, which you can use in a variety of ways and for a diversity of projects.

Let's start right away:

Open a new image 2800x2800/300 dpi/transparent
flood fill with medium grey 
pick a shape of your choice - I am using a simple flower shape for the demonstration
and apply to your workspace

rasterize the layer with the shape (right click > rasterize)

open the STYLE menu (WINDOW > styles)
load the styles you wish to use
for the demo flower I used
and for the ones from the header preview additional

apply the style to your shape by clicking on the style icon in the style menu

use the shape tool and add a round or elliptical shape - place it in the middle of the flower
(you don't have to create a new layer, the shape tool does that for you automatically)

rasterize the shape layer (rightclick > rasterize)
add a style of your choice to the layer

you can always pull the layer in place or scale it as necessary after you added the style
now add a little dropshadow to the center, so it won't look so flat
access the style panel easy with double clicking the layer icon
can you see 'dropshadow'? that is where you make the changes
how much dropshadow, which distance, color opacity etc.? - it is up to you and depends what you are working on, change the shadow until you're happy with the look

the basic flower is done and you could make the grey background layer invisible and merge all visible layers and save the (rather sad) little blossom
but then you would miss out all the fun!
Let's proceed to the fancy stuff, shall we?
find a brush your like, it should be something scrolling, swirly or maybe even leaf shaped?
for the next step a swirl or doodle brush with thin ends works best

add a new layer (between shape1 and shape2)
chose your brush (solid color 100% opacity)
stamp on the brush (don't adjust it yet)

duplicate the layer 4 times and group it around the center of the flower
add a layerstyle with a metallic edge (silver, gold or whatever matches your design)
I used one from my recent MISS KITTY style 

now that looks a bit dull to me - so let's make it more shiny
double click the layer to access the layer style menu
turn everything off besides 'stroke'
and maybe 'dropshadow' if it fits your element (in my demo I used dropshadow)
adjust the stroke to your liking and set it on 'inside' 
this will fill small sized element parts with just the silvery pattern from the stroke if everything else is turned off
see screenshot below
copy the layerstyle and past it into each of the swirl layers
(rightclick > copy/paste layerstyle )
(note: you could also apply and adjust the style to one layer and then duplicate the rest of the swirls
I left all layers open, this way the template is more versatile)
you can also add another layer on top
take a simple round brush and stamp a few dots on it (use a hard edge for the brush)
then use a layerstyle on your little dots to turn them into little fancy dots :)
whenever you are happy with the result - turn the grey layer off, merge the flower layers and save as png 
save it also as psd with open layers, this way you can use it again for other projects)
you see - there are many possibilities for new and unique designs
find my latest seamless styles at ART FOR DESIGN
if you don't like to hassle with shapes - just get one of the amazing templates at
Scrap and Tubes Store, they are perfect for layer styles

have a great time and lots of fun with layer styles
yours creatively,
Angelica S.