Step by Step - flower sprigs from sketch to result

step by step/digital painting
wacom tablet


no photo reference
made up flowers based on 4-leaf blossoms 
loose pencil sketch of the desired arrangement
(scanned and lines masked out)

the element is relevant to a new set of digital designs and will complete a rose arrangement I painted earlier
below is the result and by scrolling down you can take a look at the major steps and find a preview for the rose arrangement 

Last but not least: this is not a tutorial but only a step by step, made of screenshots I took while working

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the initial sketch, which roughly captures the idea and arrangement
drawn on a sheet of paper, scanned it and then extracted the lines 
which can be done in PSP as well as in photoshop very easily with the mask features
I also added a layer of medium grey as neutral background

roughly blocked in green for the backside leaves, since the leaves are arranged slightly different than on the sketch,  I erased the lines for them (no longer relevant)

a little dimension can't harm and helps with the blossoms later on, 
soft highlights and shadows, nothing too overbearing

here is the cleaned up line'art' in white,  just a personal preference to turn the lines white

blocking in the blossoms, 3 layers, 3 different colors, 3 states of development
what now is dark will later be bright
and reversed, only the green buds stay close to the green shades as you will see later
I adjust the size of the blossoms as I go, the sketch is not a prison, just a guideline

I turned the layer with the smaller blossoms and the buds off
focus is on the biggest and brightest blossoms
adding a layer of light green (cool shades), this is an adjustment layer, which will determine the brightness
and the contrast in the outcome
this layer can also be used to define parts of the plant or to make subtle color changes on the underpainting (important layer for me, since the flowers will be available as painted template with several color options and I don't like them just to be flatly color shifted, it takes away from the dimension and makes details disappear)

as you might have noticed, I shifted the color of the background leaves to a cooler spectrum of green as in the initial layer since it will match the hues in the blossoms as well as the rose arrangement better than the warmer greens (I might, however, include the warmer version as separate layers in the psd template and therefore, kept the layer)
in the step below I added some light green and very light purple to the big blossoms, which will be helpful to achieve a pearly shimmer of the petals.

adding little details to the blossoms in white

the half matured blossoms with some shadows blocked in
(color spectrum medium-dark purple/cold hues)

adding more light to the petals, pink/purple hues and white
stems and little branches are determined 

adding some details to the twigs, which won't stay so very 'green' but get a layer of purple to subdue parts of them

time to add the closed buds, color spectrum neutral green

adding some more details to the blossoms (centers) and added the highlights in light yellow to the little buds
the stems and branches are finished with a layer of dark purple/warm 

the leaves are simplified since the focus is on the blossoms and leaves are rather supportive than dominant
here are the steps:

I painted them in a separate file starting with the layer from the element file:

adding a bit texture 

 adding some diffused highlights in a yellowish green
for the sake of variety, green can be so boring

more shadows

bold highlights in greenish-yellow (did that on a separate layer, just in case it's a bit too bold )
it wasn't - and so I merged the leaves and brought them back to the blossom file

thanks for your interest in this SBS, 
 as promised, the preview WIP of the rose arrangement
which now will progress with adding the floral sprigs from this SBS
happy painting and creating,
Angelica S.